2020 us presidential Candidate

2020 Presidental Election US President and Vice President

Independent Party
Tarren David Clark for President
Atyria S. Clark for Vice President
On Election Day, go to any Election Voting Center and V\/rite on the Ballot
Dr. Tarren David Clark1 BS, MBA, JD, PH.D
for President
Atyria S. Clark, BA1 MS, J.D.
for Vice President
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For more information go to ‘Nvvw.chlmzllc.com
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5 years and 1 Share of CHLMZ LLC Corporate Common Stock worth $100 with Dividend paid yearly.
You can purchase and Stock, Bond or Corporate Sponsorship loan in $10,000 increment of \/IP Package.
Contact Chlmzllc LLC at 925.490.0085 for more information. There is no CAP.
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Or My space: www.myspace.com/wakegrad.
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“Peace in Trials” by Tarren Clark or hard copy on corporate website www.chlmzllc.com