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T D Clark Partners and Associates LLC

Was founded in June of 2019 as a result of a long lineage of experience, education, and assimilations of many mentors and previously incorporated companies.

  • Our motto is Carpe Diem. and Pro Humanitatae.
  • We believe in the Advancement of All Individuals.
  • We Promote everyone
  • We consult with Anyone
  • We help and invest in Hardworking, devoted and Talented Souls.
  • We believe that we can do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens us. We are a Christian based Company who accepts and includes all religions.
  • We promote a Healthy Life Style
  • We promote and Distribute Kangen Alkaline Water for healthy disease free living over the traditional soft drinks.
  • We invest in multicultural Activities, international Development, the Homeless and Indigent, The Mentally Challenged, The Ex-Convicts, Inmate and Criminal Ministries and Rehabilitation, The Elderly, The Youth, The Veterans, The Women’s Movement, And the LGBTQ Community.
  • Our Founder is Tarren Clark, CEO, Along with our partner, CFO, And our 29 other Partners.
  • We are currently Hiring Consultant Associates, Interns, Faculty and enrolling Students.
  • Visit All of our Divisions and we encourage you not only to purchase our superior products and services.
  • Also inquire about Career, Investment Opportunities, and How we can help and coach you on starting your own Business. Small Consulting fee required of $250 first 2 hours and $100 additional hours.
  • We also recommend that US Citizens, and or our friends abroad, enroll in our on Campus or Online University And Educational program:  Clark Alpha Omega University

For more information feel free to email us at


Or feel free to call us at 925.490.0085.

May God Be With Us All and May The Windows Of Heaven Open And Pour Upon You An Abundance of Blessings.

Thank You for visiting us.


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