Entertainment Division

Beetruebeereel Productions And La Models Talent Management INC

We offer services for

  • Music Label
  • Book Publishing
  • Artists Agents
  • Actors Agent and Management
  • Music Management and Promotions
  • Public speaking Agents
  • Models Agent, Management, Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning

Agent, Management, Public Relations and Promotion services for Actors, Models, Musicians, Dancers, Artist, Athletes, Authors and Inspirational Speakers.

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Paolo Ramirez

Alex C

Andreas B

Ara B

Beau T

Ben B

Christian B

Cory L

Cory Z

Escher H

Gage R

Glenn T

Jeremy D

Kevin F

Mehdi Z

Mike R

Ricky B

Ryan H

Ryan K

Valentino K

Zac D

Paolo Ramirez

Kole haze


Maya Angelou

I know why the caged bird sings

Byron Woodson

A President in the Family

Allen Mckeller

The Real Pepsi Challenge

Paolo Ramirez

Sandra McCracken

Maya Angelou

Byron Woodson a President in the family

Allen Mckeller the real Pepsi Challlenge

Friends of the company. If you want to hire anyone for modeling or their talents, contact Mr Clark at 925.490.0085 or Tdclarkllc@gmail.com